Notizbuch: Art Cover - Ledisies

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Format: 198 x 280 mm
Cover-Papier: Gmund Colors 250 g
Papier Innenteil: 90 g Munken Polar 1,3 weiß
Druck: Coverdruck 1c Risographie

limitiert auf 150 Stück
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Notizbuch: Art Cover - Ledisies
10,00 €
Endpreis* , zzgl. Versand (Standard)

ART COVER – Art for You

Turn this limited art print of your cover into a picture on the wall when the booklet is full. This booklet is part of a series of art prints, which the artists made available free of charge as their contribution to climate protection.


The street artist Lediesis (still unknown whether it’s one artist or a group of street artists), has painted in different corners of Rome and Florence iconic women who left their mark on the world. Each of these iconic figures, which range from female movie starts to pop culture characters and artists, has the “S” of Superwoman. They’re also all winking– as a sign of complicity with the people that look at them, it’s as if each figure were saying “you too are like me, you too have superpowers!

Limted Art Edition, 150 piece
With your purchase you support Viva con Agua and the artists.

Kategorie: Bücher & Co
Artikelnummer: 2001